Wifi_logowireless networks

Deemrose Data Cabling supply and install wireless local area networks for schools and businesses. We will provide you with the best secure solution for your organisation. Whilst there are several advantages to installing a hard-wired solution, such as the increased security, reliability and data transfer speeds, we also understand our customers’ need for flexibility and convenience. With an ever-increasing range of portable devices capable of providing Internet access, we can provide you with a secure wireless local area network (WLAN) solution that will give you and your network users mobile connectivity to your network.


A wireless local area network links two or more devices, using wireless distribution, and provides a connection through an access point to the wider Internet. This gives your network users the mobility to move around within a local coverage area and still be connected to your network, a capability commonly referred to as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wireless LANs have become increasingly popular and Wi-Fi is now an essential component of most organisations. Our experienced engineers will determine the best positions for your wireless access points, in order to maximise coverage. Connecting devices to your network is made possible via a wireless distribution system. This enables wireless interconnection of access points in your network.  It allows for your wireless network to be expanded, using multiple access points, without requiring a wired backbone to link them.

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