Our installation teams expertly install containment and cable management to ensure that your network cables are either hidden from view or seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of your working environment.

mini trunking

We install mini trunking in various shapes and sizes, including three versions with a central dividing fillet. The body of the main mini trunking that we use is very strong and tough, allowing it to deal with irregularities in wall and ceiling surfaces with relative ease. The useful clip-on lid can be easily removed by our installers, making it much easier for future maintenance or future alterations to the cabling system that may be required. The containment takes on a self-fixing form, with double-sided adhesive tape, again assisting our installers throughout installation.

maxi trunking

The maxi trunking that we install is lauded by consulting engineers and electrical contractors for its inherent safety, strength and durability. The clip-in cable retainers cannot physically slip out of place and there are dividers available that will provide segregation where required. The moulded flat angles of our maxi trunking have a gentle radius to ease the path of installation round corners.

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